Should I do freestyle or greco-roman wrestling for MMA?

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Should I do freestyle or greco-roman wrestling for MMA?
I already have a background in some karate and Muay Thai. I am going to attend a Japanese Jiu Jitsu class for twice a week in addition to Wrestling 2x a week. I have the startegy for striking but no background in grappling. Always freestyle. Greco-Roman is …
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Why would UFC champ Dominick Cruz pick Marvel superhero Daredevil to beat Nate Diaz?
MMA fighters vs. superheroes may not be an age-old debate, but one UFC champion has some thoughts on the fantasy battles. UFC bantamweight titleholder Dominick Cruz spoke to our partners at and gave his picks on a trio of bouts between UFC …
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C.B. Dollaway vs. Francimar Barroso removed from UFC 203
MMA Fighting has confirmed the news with multiple sources after a mysterious tweet from UFC president Dana White on Friday night. It’s still unclear what injury forced Dolloway to pull out of the fight.