TMac’s Take: Thurs August 3rd, 2017

Tues was a very good day going 4-1, yesterday not s0 much going 1-2 with an upside down day on the board.

Tuesdays winners with the Brewers -116 3-2 win vs Cards, Detroit/Yanks Un 10 4-3 final, Rox/Mets Un 12.5 with 9 runs combined, and Tampa -104 getting it done vs Houston 6-4.

Yesterday’s + money two teamer Yanks/Houston was a bust out as neither team scored a run, but you knew both teams would be shut out right?  Getting nudged out on the Un 8.5 Cards/Brewers with 9 runs and the one winner was A-s +146 money getting it done in a big way 6-1 vs Giants.

5 releases for tonight, all on the service with none being released here today, but you can get them all for only 1$ a day, click on the home page.

Our focus tonight is in the Yanks/Cleve match ups, SF/A’s, LA/ATL & Detroit/O’s side and total.

Tommy Mac Las Vegas