TMac’s Take: Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Right at this time a week ago I was having breakfast at the Westin on Michigan Ave in Chicago, (the food and service are excellent by the way) and who all of the sudden completely take over the dining room?  Former NBA stars that’s who, that started showing up and gave truth to the meaning of a “power breakfast” as former star after star gave an electric energy to the room.

The waiters were star struck, it was plain to see, as it was the BIG 3 tournament that was in town taking place at the UIC Pavilion over the weekend.  We had seen the jolly giants all weekend at the hotel as they validate their physical intimidation sharing an elevator ride going up to our rooms.  I could have fired a spit wad that morning and hit Mike Bibby in the face for missing two at the line in 09 when he was with the Hawks to have my over get beat on the hook!!  I never forget my big loses, they seem to stand out in my memories over the years far more than my big wins.  Why?  Call me crazy, but I EXPECT to win..EVERY TIME I put my money down.

But far more exciting than that was the table right catty corner to us was the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball crew in town to cover the Cubs/Cardinals game that evening, unfortunately we had to catch the game in the air on the way back home to Vegas.

Guys let me set the record straight about how hot Jessica Mendoza is?  Hotter than a firecracker in person.  I must confess, I couldn’t help keep glancing at her, and she gave me a little winkle twinkle which got my engines started, but that was nothing like fate would have it several hours later.

My buddy and I took a long walk that morning to work off the breakfast, ending up at Trump tower, going all the way to the top for a beer at the skybar.  It is an AMAZING building, just the construction of it resting on gigantic pillars right off the river, is an eyeopener in of it’self.

but coming back from our long walk going back to our room, I noticed my buddy running for the elevator to catch who just walked in, I didn’t notice who it was until I ran into it myself, none other than Jessica herself in her workout clothes and sunglasses..WOW…let me tell you, she is ALL that and a bag of chips.  TV does not do her justice, she is an absolute doll.  10+ and an outstanding athlete to boot.  Ya man!

So enough about I dream of Jessica..we went 3-2 last night or 4-2 if you count the freebie I gave out here at TMac’s take on the Pods getting it done 4-2 +104 money over the Pirates.  The losses on our service last night were the Yankees on the Runline -1.5 +120 not quite clearing the fence with a t 5-4 win over the Rays, Houston/Detroit Ov 10.5 didn’t make it as well.  WINNERS: LAA +114 Money 6-5 vs Jays, Cincy/MIA 9 Ov 7-3, AZ -116 7-1 vs Cards.

Will release one of our service plays here tonight on the ESPN Sunday night game backing the Nats +105 on the ML Jackson/Gray, starting pitchers must go.

Comon Jessica, come thru for us so we can cash that Nats ticket tonight!

Tommy Mac, Las Vegas