TMac’s Take: Saturday July 29th, 2017

Hot, Hot, Hot again as usual here in Vegas.  Like they say in those broadway shows, “IT”S DAMN HOT!”  Then again, most people who don’t live in Vegas always say, “but it’s a dry heat isn’t it?” and I say, “ya, so is my microwave, but I don’t stick my head in it!”  And a big shout out to Nevada Power, for always keeping our aircon on!  Cause in Costa Rica where the Over/Under in the power going out weekly always opens 3 closing at 5 times a week, and always take the OVER 3!

Always a little apprehensive the next day after going 3-0 last night with upping the size of my wagers.  Too many times have given me more problems than I care to mention here, so I will stay with my unit play formula as I recommend to all of my players..and keep it steady with my powder dry for Sunday.  Last night getting the wins on the Royals +150 money, Marlins & Stros/Tigers Ov all coming in nicely.

3 more strong plays today/tonight.

This play is not on our service but will give a small nod to the Padres/Lament +105 tonight.

And what’s up with Travis Wood?  This guy has hopped around more than Warren Beatty!  Just traded from the Royals he closes out 10 in a row last night in his Padre debut!  This guy for my book is a great pitcher.  Will never forget seeing him here I think it was in 2010 when he was with the Reds in a preseason game vs the Dodgers, was one of the most dominating performances I’ve ever seen, think he had over 14 K’s that night, and Andre Ethier went down more times than Alyssa Milano did.

Speaking of Alyssa Milano, I found this paragraph that is just too rich to pass up sharing with you.

Then, in her 30’s she’s become the real life Annie Savoy, using her lady cave to assemble what would’ve been one of the more dominating fantasy baseball staffs in … 2003: Brad Penny, Barry Zito, and Carl Pavano. It’s true. Alyssa Milano’s vagina’s 2003 WHIP would’ve been 1.24. RICH!!

Tommy Mac Las Vegas