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TMac’s Take: Monday, July 31st, 2017

Did you know that the Dodgers have 14 pitchers on their roster right now? 14 are you kidding? Is there a stronger or better starting 5 in all of baseball than the Dodgers right now, I’d say no, and their bullpen is no slouch either.  They can just keep coming at you Right vs Left all night long.

Above is a pic I took Memorial Day weekend sitting just a few rows behind the LA dugout of Clayton Kershaw, who didn’t much care for me taking it was the vibe he was giving off, which is obvious that the “Good Ol’ Boy” as been LAized.  Oh, yes I know the it well having lived there myself for many years.  I can’t think of any city in America that gives you more social pressure to be like ONE OF THEM or else..or else what?  You don’t exist, especially in the entertainment industry, which he is, in an indirect way.

Watching the Dodgers last night cut the heart out of the Giants in late innings with the Rookies short slap to the ball taking it down the right field line for the walkoff, would make you hard pressed to bet against them in making it to the big show in 2017.

And what they did to the Cubs that Sat I sat behind LA’s dugout was nothing short of master surgery from Mc Carthy LA’s starting pitcher.  Cubs could get nothing going all day..and it continues against almost every team.  LA just cuts you with a thousand paper cuts.  They don’t have to score big, most of their wins are 3-2, 4-1, 1-0 and so on.  It’s like they only need 4 runs max and your done.

Was another strong Sunday for us finishing up what has been a very strong in the money July.  Closing with 6 plays yesterday going 4-2 with Double Crush Shot Pro release on KC/Hammels +167 Money! Getting it done late, but getting their none the less in a 5-3 victory over the BoSox.  Other winners were: Cubs +102 4-2 win vs Brewers – Nats 2nd game of a double header 3-1 vs Rox – A’s/Twins Ov 10 A’s 6-5  loses: AZ 3-2 to the Cards, Clev/WSox Ov 9 Final 3-1

Will release a small play here for tonight: Toronto/ChiSox Un 10.5

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Posted 5:43p.m. EST