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TMac’s Take: Friday, July 28th, 2017

Was in Chicago last weekend…WOW what a weekend of Chicago BBQ, Cubs vs Cardinals and soooo many other things. No question it is one of my favorite places on earth. I even wrote a song dedicated to the Redline, called “Redline 2 Wrigley” when I took in game three of the World Series last October, only 5 rows behind the Cubs dugout..ya that seat was over 10K..but what a treat it was, even if the Cubs did lose on a horrible last swing effort by Joan Baez on a ball over his head..oh well…the game this last sat made up for it…

I first must confess..sorry Card fans..being born and raised in KC..with the Cubs being our designated National league team..you’ve got a two-fer of HATE coming your way from me..strong words yes..but really I have so many stories, don’t get me started about Cardinal fans, with your little turned up collars..Ok, I said I didn’t want to get started, so I’ll stop there..but when Lester told me he would have a no hitter going into the 6th on Sat..I was all in on the Under 8.5 +105 money and gave it out to our PRO players as a double crush shot! No just kidding about talking to Lester..but I just knew that the Cubs getting clobbered by the birds on Friday night with Lester on the mound this was going to be a low score, and it was…until the top of the 8th..and then..boom, boom Cards go yard back to back especially the latter that was a straight shot over center field. Impressive..

I turned to my partner and said, ” Are we a frick’n jinks or what” barely able to withstand the chills going down my back with the dirty red bird fans behind me screaming at the top of their lungs…and then..and then..as if Harry Carey himself smiling down from heaven..said “CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN” with two outs in the bottom of the 8th with Zobie coming up to bat..nice easy swing single..then a walk..bam..like in a blink of an eye..the miracle had happened with a little help from our home town hero “Chris Bryant” getting the job done. Then it was just a matter of bringing in the SHERIFF! Wade Davis..and bye bye redbirds…as I must of said a hundred times (after more than a few beers) to all the red shirts leaving..” Thanks for coming” There IS NO stadium like Wrigley..NONE!

Then it was on to the “Monks Pub” which I highly recommend..awesome restaurant right on Lake Ave, great food, the chicken nacho’s are get out of town just to get you started, and almost a meal in of itself, then had the maple cheeseburger that locked my jaws..

Sunday night ate at the Chicago Q BBQ restaurant..its near north shore in the loop I believe..easy to find..the brisket was so smooth and so perfectly cooked..couldn’t help but rave to the waiter..he said “I’ll introduce you to the pit master” wow, he took us back in the kitchen and showed us everything…can’t say enough about this place..you will do yourself well by stopping by.

Will leave last weekend here..and continue with it in later takes..as far as tonight goes I will give out one of our plays that is on our service tonight…
An overnight pitching change with the BoSox replacing Price with Porcello, still? Making him a -160 fav over Vargas who going into the allstar break had one of the lowest era’s in either league? Gotta take the Royals in this spot on the ML +150 even though KC has never done well traditionally on the road in Fenway..it’s too big a price to pass up..

Later..Tommy Mac