Updates | NFL Football Operations

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Updates | NFL Football Operations
NFL Rules Enforcement. Ensuring that players conduct themselves in a way that honors the sport and respects the game.
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NFL Power Rankings: Post-free agency
A lot of players switched … understanding of how all 32 NFL teams stack up. Here are the updated power rankings in the NFL after this past weekend’s free agency splurge. Though the San Francisco 49ers made some smart moves in free agency, the cupboard …
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Colin Kaepernick still looking to be included in meetings between NFL and players
Lawyers for Kaepernick said that he has not been included in correspondence between the league … That also was news to Kapernick attorney Mark Geragos, who told Slate, “We specifically reached out to the [NFL Players Association] and to the Players …
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Texans Players Kneel During Anthem After Owner’s ‘Inmates’ Comment
But when the topic came up at the recent meetings between NFL team owners, they ultimately decided not to adopt any sort of rule change that would require the players to stand during the national anthem. Instead, they decided to continue to work with the …