NFL debacle

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NFL debacle
How sad. In rural countries across America’s heartland, many are rightfully outraged at the actions of the NFL players. Thankfully, all common sense hasn’t been lost — yet— in this controversy. For example, Dallas owner Jerry Jones announced …
NFL owners’ pushback against protests could inch players closer to the positive change they seek
… without Odell Jerry Jones adds another element to most divisive issue facing the NFL Under the rules of the NFL’s game operations manual, team owners are not empowered to force players to stand for the national anthem. During the anthem, “players …
NFL owners should have hands full trying to solve anthem debate
“And I think they understand how divisive an issue it is in our society right now . . . It’s been a rule as long as I’ve been involved with the league, and my expectation is that our players will continue to stand for the anthem.” NFL owners had …
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Shorter NFL preseason? Good idea for league, but a better bargaining chip
The headline — not just here, but in most places — is “Roger Goodell wants shorter NFL … preseason games begin with Panthers-Texans, Falcons-Dolphins and Vikings-Bills — the league is not yet in the mood to just give anything to the players.
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Steve Bannon Tells NFL Protesters to Take a Knee …
“NFL players should take a knee every night and thank God in heaven that Donald Trump is president.”