Jim Carlisle: NFL is showing instability

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Jim Carlisle: NFL is showing instability
Moves usually happen as a result of two things: poor management that results in poor play on the field and/or an owner who is unable to get public … was previously a best-game-available policy. NFL rules stipulate all teams’ games be shown in their …
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Packers-Cowboys was TV classic NFL desperately needed
Heading into Sunday’s telecast on Fox Sports, the NFL was coming off its worst TV performance in years. The league’s overall TV ratings fell … poor officiating and political protests by players that turned off some longtime NFL fans.
NFL playoffs: Packers, Aaron Rodgers survive Cowboys’ miraculous comeback
And here’s the good news: They’re set up to make another run … Why is it unsportsmanlike conduct for an NFL player to enter a huddle and then leave the field? The league doesn’t want teams to try to deceive defenses by using fake substitution patterns.
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Cogs’s NFL Honors Predictions
David Johnson would be MVP if the Cardinals had had the season they planned to have when the year began, but they were a 7-8-1 team. Thankfully for him, NFL Offensive Player of the Year is voted on regardless of team standings. If Julio Jones doesn’t …