How To Honestly Assess Your Fantasy Football Team

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How To Honestly Assess Your Fantasy Football Team
As we enter Week 4 of the NFL season, it is time to honestly … need to honestly assess your Fantasy Football team, I mean you need to re-evaluate each player’s value and worth. This is not just for trades. It’s also to know when you can drop guys …
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NFL News and Updates 2016: ESPN Asks Fans, “Who’s the Best 3-0 Team?” Patriots, Broncos Lead Poll
Basketball tournaments have their “Mythical Five”; the Michigan Wolverines college team had their Fab Five stars, and All-NBA teams had five of the best players of the season. The 2016 NFL season … is showing the league that his rookie start is warranted …
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Owners approve new rule changes
Rule changes unanimously approved Tuesday at an NFL owners meeting could have a chilling effect on defensive players. The league has further defined what constitutes a “defenseless position” to provide better player protection. There also are further …