State college enrollment down 1.8% since last fall

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State college enrollment down 1.8% since last fall
Higher-education officials also use enrollment data to identify what groups of people are actually going to college … donors from the school’s foundation, and basketball teams next fall to help attract more students, she said. ASU Mid-South saw its …
News, Speculation, More on College Hoops Scandal
This is all of the information, speculation and news we’ve released on the BRO Premium Forum about the college basketball recruiting scandal. Not only is it interesting to UCLA fans, but potentially … as well as other adidas AAU teams across the country.
Time for college basketball to clean up mess
Kim is displayed during a news conference … It would also create more parity. College basketball was immensely popular in the 1980s and 1990s in part because you got to know the stars who stayed for three or four years. Teams were more cohesive.