Kiara Leslie, C.J. Leslie’s sister, transfers to NC State

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Kiara Leslie, C.J. Leslie’s sister, transfers to NC State
The 6-foot former Maryland Terrapins guard has transferred to N.C. State as a redshirt junior and graduate student, and will have two years … N.C. State coach Wes Moore said in a news release that Leslie had already committed to Maryland when he arrived …
As college transfers increase, so does debate on how they should be governed
He was on vacation in Germany, but that didn’t stop David Ridpath from monitoring college transfer news back … As transfers become more prevalent in college athletics, so does the debate on how they should be governed. Should student-athletes have …
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March Madness: Conference tournament TV schedule, game previews
Welcome to March Madness! Looking for the television channel to watch college basketball tournaments or see which teams make the NCAA tournament? Here’s the complete broadcast schedule and previews of some of the top conference games for this Selection Sunday.
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Alabama football, basketball and more: News and Tidbits
Catch up on Alabama football, basketball and more, news and tidbits … the top defensive front sevens in college football. Cubelic is a good source despite his War Eagle pedigree. Here’s his list: SEC had six teams (Kentucky, Texas A&M, Tennessee …