Eichorst talks college basketball transfers

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Eichorst talks college basketball transfers
Eichorst said he supports the ability of student athletes to improve their academic situation, but said the NCAA is forming its third working group since 2012 to examine the issues of transfers in college basketball, which have numbered more than 700 in …
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College coaches like ‘baseball rule’ for NBA Draft, but it may not solve the big issues
Take those players away, you take a little of college basketball’s appeal away from the so-called average fan. With the baseball rule, you then, in theory, build up freshmen into sophomores and have players returning and teams getting older and ideally better.
Tulane Basketball Fans Are Encouraged to Vote for the Tulane Student Section in the Third Annual Naismith Student Section of the Year Award
is dedicated to celebrating student fans that support their college basketball team with passion and devotion. “College basketball student sections embody the energy, passion and enthusiasm that create a uniquely coveted home court advantage, and we want …